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Dance freelancers 

The origins

In 2020, as COVID halted the world, I was forced to hit pause on my dance career and take a hard look at the dance community and industry. It was clear – we, as dancers, struggle to envision our future, feeling lost and alone in the journey. That realisation fueled my commitment to change the game. I embarked on a personal development journey, which is where my new initiatives started.

online support


Amidst the pandemic, I crafted an online program for dancers, focusing on the non-physical aspects of our careers. We tackled mindset, decision-making, purpose-driven leadership, and staying true to ourselves withing this journey.

coaching certificate

a coach

My hunger for personal growth led me to fall in love with coaching. I finished a course, passed exams, and then became an accredited ACC ICF coach. Thanks to that I started working with loads of dancers in 1-1 online and stationery sessions.

coaching tools


The next step for me was to create a universal tool for everyone who wishes to work on their self-awareness. The first, digital version was warmly received. At the beginning of 2023, I published a physical, upgraded version of workbook.

power of community


I couldn’t stop there. I looked for the next step and an even bigger mission for myself and the community. That’s when I envisioned something grander – events that would unite all the valuable wisdom dancers need but don’t know where to find. 

Over a decade of listening to dancers’ stories convinced me that while physical education abounds, mental and soul care are overlooked. I truly believe it’s time for our community to embrace the vulnerability. 


My mission is to create a hub of support and knowledge, fostering sustainable and fulfilling dance careers and lifestyles. The stage is set for WE GROW 360° to start revolutionising the dance world. The events are just the beginning.

Ola Papiór WE GROW 360°

Ola Papiór


See yourself in a new light and find unique paths for your life and career. Let me show you how.

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