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Gabija Capelyte

We Grow 360° Producer, Professional Dancer, Facilitator

Gabija Cepelyte is a creative dance producer from Vilnius, Lithuania, who will come on board to support the development of WE GROW 360°. Gabija pursued her passion for dance by moving abroad to study Dance BA (Hons) at the University of Surrey and has since worked internationally, primarily in the United Kingdom. With her producing expertise, Gabija curates dance theatre, festivals, underground dance battles, jams, parties, and skill-building workshops for creatives. Her main goal as a producer is to foster unique creativity and establish spaces for dance sharing and celebration on a large scale. Gabija has an impressive portfolio of work, including her roles as Executive Producer for Messums Festival of Dance, 4X20 Choreography Platform, Assistant Producer for Far From The Norm, Producer for Making An Elephant, and Executive Assistant for Fabula Collective. Additionally, she produced two editions of 6 Corners London, working together with Indahouse UK and Red Bull, and served as the Artistic Director and Producer for Actual Size Dance Company. Gabija's arts management skills are also showcased in her work for Future Youth Zone.

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