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Dannielle ‘Rhimes’ Lecointe

Choreographer, Director, Dramaturg, Creative Professional Business Coach

Dannielle ‘Rhimes’ Lecointe

Dannielle 'Rhimes' Lecointe 

Creative Professional Business Coach. ICON of the Year, featured in Empowering Boss Life Magazine, BelEve Charity, Sister Magazine, and Black British Theatre Nominee. 

Dannielle is an inspiring Creative Professional Business Coach who advocates aligning female creative professionals who feel stuck in their careers to increase their income without using broken methods and wasting money.

She brings a wealth of knowledge in coaching, creative development and personal calling. She has over 15 years of experience building heart-driven creative leaders and authentic creative entrepreneurs. Dannielle has worked with national companies and global thought leaders, leading her to teach entrepreneurs, performers, coaches and consultants her methodology to increase their income through their desires and creativity.


Dannielle shifted her thriving career because she understood the pain of living less than her full potential. After a life-changing experience where she was burnt on her face and hand, as well as help from a mentor, she decided to go all in. Stepping into her full authenticity and deep desire meant helping creative professionals to be empowered and aligned to their own inner hero and their ability to take control over financial freedom with her Bossed up signature queens program. She is passionate about getting her clients to uncover their voices and unleash their creative genius.

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