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Nadia Sohawon

Actress, Choreographer, Taekwondo, Fire Eater, Millhouse Impersonator, and Founder of freeYOURstyle Collective

Nadia Sohawon

Nadia Sohawon is an actress, choreographer, fire eater, and martial artist born and raised in North London. She started on the street dance scene early, learning locking and popping with London OG Jimmy Williams and Patrick Cesar, then joined street dance crew BOY BLUE in 2002, lead by Kenrick Sandy MBE and producer Mikey J Asante MBE. BOY BLUE developed into a hip-hop theatre company and went on to win an Olivier award for their alternative production of ‘The Pied Piper’.

In 2003, she founded freeYOURstyle Collective, which developed into a talent agency through the years, managing mainly dancers from the underground/battle scene, working with artists such as Chaka Khan, Florence & The Machine, Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa along with other artists, brands, and shows.

Nadia’s choreography and dance contributions include After Life 2 (Netflix), Rocketman (paramount), 2012 Olympic opening ceremony (Boy Blue), Alice Chater (Virgin-EMI), Dizzee Rascal, Alexander Wolfe, Mariah Carey, Diversity (limitless tour), Blaze (stage), Catch me daddy (Film 4), Allstars (Vertigo films) and more. Nadia also assisted Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle on ‘E.O.E.’, a dance film for BBC, and won best choreography for the short film ‘BOSS’ at ALTFF Toronto.


Nadia has also worked extensively as a choreographer and movement director for the stage, including working closely with award-winning theatre company LES ENFANT TERRIBLES on Bedtime Stories, United Queendom, and their upcoming, returning production of Olivier-nominated Alice's Adventures Underground. Recent work includes working with Regents Open Air Theatre (Antigone) and with Rikki Beadle-Blair for the critically acclaimed production of ENG-ER-LAND (Jermyn Street Theatre).

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